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Merica Metal Worx can pretty much do anything your little heart desires so we decided to open this up to custom letters as lots of people want there last name in a cool Script font etc. or a slogan. Pick almost any font from and leave it we can do it. 

We offer this in 4 different pricing structures. This includes being powder coated our standard colors.  

  • Standard: 1-4 characters
  • Intermediate: 5-8 characters
  • Advanced: 9-14 characters
  • Advanced Plus: 14-20 characters
  • Width is based on allocated text, ranging from 5" to 20".
  • Height ranges from 1.5" to 4" depending on letter.
  • Made from high quality carbon steel and powder coated to last a lifetime. Perfect for indoor use but since it is professionally powder coated it will hold up just fine in the outdoors. Only available in solid colors. 
  • Made in the USA


Our typical ship times are 7 business days after order placement. 

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