About Us

Welcome to Merica Metal Worx and Fabrication Services, your premier destination for outstanding metal fabrication services. Established in 2017 and nestled in Waller, Texas, we've been crafting cutting-edge products since our inception, bringing over 20 years of fabrication and quality experience to our customers.

Our journey began when we traded in our day jobs to turn the dream of Merica Metal Worx into a reality. Why? Because self-employment adds a dash of excitement to life, and we're a team of down-to-earth individuals who thrive on balancing creativity with entrepreneurship. Passionate about marrying our minds with our hands, we find solace in the demanding yet fulfilling world of metalworking.

At our core, we're enthusiasts who revel in the art of playing with metal. Our decision to share this joy led to the creation of original metal art that complements your style and surroundings. Each piece is a unique creation, meticulously handmade and crafted in Waller, Texas. From home décor to custom signs, our diverse range reflects a fusion of modern composition and classic welding techniques.

Merica Metal Worx goes beyond being a brand – we aim to make your house a home. Explore our products to discover the essence of our distinctive style.

Thank you for choosing Merica Metal Worx and Fabrication Services.

Tim Buchanan - Founder & CEO