Q. What is the current lead time for shipment of products?
A. Our products are usually shipped within 7-10 business days after order placement. Some products might ship within 1-2 days is just depends on shop work loads. But we work hard to make sure our customers get our products ASAP so they can enjoy them.  

Q. What shipping method do you us?
A. We typically use USPS Priority Mail to ship all of our products however we do use Fedex and UPS as some area are cheaper to ship products to using different carriers.  

Q. How long will it take my items to ship.
A. Typically we us we have seen orders take 1-2 business days all the way to 7 business days. It really depends what time of year it is and what are of the United States in which you live.

Q. How long will it take you do make a custom design?
A. After customers have completed payment of the invoice we usually have renderings for approval within 24-48hrs.

Q. Once I approve my custom design how long till it goes into production?
A. Generally we use the rule of thumb of 7-14 business days after the design has been approved by the customer.

Q. When is your Christmas Holiday cut off for shopping to make sure it arrives by Christmas? 
A. Due to the Christmas Holiday rush we try to do the cut off by December 10th. We are happy to serve local customers who can do pickup and will serve them all the way to December 22nd.

Q. What are the advantages of CNC Plasma Cutting Technology?
A. - Faster than waterjet cutting
    - More accurate than manual cutting
    - Can use standard AutoCAD files
    - Can import most sketches/hand drawn parts
    - More economical than waterjet cutting