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Q. What is the current lead time for shipment of products?
A. Our products are usually shipped the same week that you order. If you order on Monday then your order should ship Wed/Thurs.

Q. What shipping method do you us?
A. We typically use USPS Priority Mail.

Q. How long will it take my items to ship.
A. Typically we us 2nd Priority Mail on lots of our items.

Q. How long will it take you do make a custom design?
A. Generally most designs will take about 1 week to complete.

Q. Once I approve my custom design how long till it goes into production?
A. Once its approved its cut within 48hrs.

Q. What are the advantages of CNC Plasma Cutting Technology?
A. - Faster than waterjet cutting
    - More accurate than manual cutting
    - Can use standard AutoCAD files
    - Can import most sketches/hand drawn parts
    - More economical than waterjet cutting